Today, VTP Realty is Pune’s leading Real Estate Brand. A feat made possible due to the tremendous goodwill of decades and the well-earned reputation of being a trust-worthy turn-around specialist who has taken over large stuck projects and made them viable and successful. The case in point being Codename Township Pegasus and Codename Township Blue Waters in West and East Pune respectively.

No wonder last year over 4500 families have chosen a VTP home for themselves in Pune. Whether it is our hugely successful townships in West and Eastern Pune, or our premium and iconic lifestyle projects across other prime locations, there is a perfect VTP homemade for you. Larger well-planned homes with maximum privacy. Recreation amenities for each member of your family. Locations that make your commute closer and easier. VTP Realty has revolutionized the real estate industry of Pune by mastering the craft of making homes that fit your every need.

We also benefit from the 35-year legacy of our group in the construction industry. We source 70% of our construction materials from our group companies through backward integration, enabling us to deliver better quality homes in a shorter time span.We have successfully established our leadership in every industry we operate in. Welcome to Pune.

Welcome to VTP Realty. Allow us to offer you our best projects.


VTP Leonara – Baner Next
(Township Codename Blue Waters)

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Smart Homes
Carpet Area Range (as per rera): 432 Sq. Ft. – 1087 Sq. Ft.
India Price Range : INR 37.50 Lacs* – INR 95.76 Lacs*
Special USA Price Range : INR 36.34 Lacs* – INR 92.83 Lacs*
Booking Amount
INR 50000** INR 100000** INR 100000**

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VTP Bel Air – Baner Next
(Township Codename Blue Waters)


1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Smart Homes
Carpet Area Range (as per rera): 423 Sq. Ft. – 962 Sq. Ft.
India Price Range : INR 35.24 Lacs* – INR 87.49 Lacs*
Special USA Price Range : INR 34.10 Lacs* – INR 85 Lacs*
Booking Amount
INR 50000** INR 100000** INR 100000**

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VTP Alpine – Baner Next
(Township Codename Blue Waters)

2 & 3 Bedroom Smart Homes
Carpet Area Range (as per rera): 800 Sq. Ft. – 1236 Sq. ft.
Indian Price Range : INR 71 Lacs* – INR 1.10 cr.*
Special USA Price Range : INR 68 Lacs* – INR 1.05 cr.*
Booking Amount
INR 100000** INR 100000**

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Dange Chowk, Wakad

2 & 3 Bedroom Homes
Carpet Area Range (as per rera): 655 Sq. Ft. – 1044 Sq. Ft.
India Price Range : INR 66.25 Lacs* – INR 1.09 cr.*
Special USA Price Range : INR 63.85 Lacs* – INR 1.05 cr.*
Booking Amount
INR 54000** INR 72000**

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VTP Solitaire
Baner-Pashan Link Road

2 & 3 Bedroom Homes
Carpet Area Range (as per rera): 761 Sq. Ft. – 1064 Sq. Ft.
Indian Price Range : INR 85.26 Lacs* – INR 1.21 cr.*
Special USA Price Range : INR 82.51 Lacs* – INR 1.17 cr.*
Booking Amount
INR 54000** INR 72000**

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Altitude (Commercial)
Dange Chowk, Wakad

Showrooms, Offices & Shops
Carpet Area Range: 485 Sq. Ft. – 690 Sq Ft.
Booking Amount – INR 100000**
 Showrooms  Shops Offices
Indian Price INR 1.80 Cr. Onwards* INR 1.49 Cr. Onwards* INR 75.40 Lacs Onwards*
Special USA Price INR 1.76 Cr. Onwards* INR 1.45 Cr. Onwards* INR 74.40 Lacs Onwards*

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VTP Beaumonde – New Kharadi
(Township Codename Pegasus)

1, 2, 3 Bedroom Smart Homes
Carpet Area Range (as per rera): 710 Sq. Ft. – 1055 Sq. Ft.
Indian Price Range : INR 58 Lacs* – INR 97 Lacs*
Special USA Price Range : INR 56 Lacs* – INR 93 Lacs*
Booking Amount
INR 50000** INR 100000** INR 150000**

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VTP Cygnus – New Kharadi
(Township Codename Pegasus)

1 & 2 Bedroom Smart Homes
Carpet Area Range (as per rera): 428 Sq. Ft. – 649 Sq. Ft.
Indian Price Range : INR 35 Lacs* – INR 56 Lacs*
Special USA Price Range : INR 32.75 Lacs* – INR 53.50 Lacs*
Booking Amount
INR 50000** INR 100000**

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VTP Purvanchal
Wagholi-Kesnand Road, Wagholi

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Homes
Carpet Area Range (as per rera): 366 Sq. Ft. – 957 Sq. Ft.
Indian Price Range : INR 26.22 Lacs* – INR 64.60 Lacs*
Special USA Price Range : INR 25.35 Lacs* – INR 62.33 Lacs*
Booking Amount
INR 36000** INR 540000** INR 720000**

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VTP Celesta
NIBM, Pune

3 Bedroom Homes
Carpet Area Range (as per rera) : 1152 Sq. Ft.
Indian Price : INR 1.10 Cr.*
Special USA Price : INR 1.05 Cr.*
Booking Amount
3 BHk
INR 72000**

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  • We are Pune’s leading real estate brand. We set newer benchmarks in the industry year on year. Thousands of new customers buy VTP Homes every year, making is the top player in the Pune market. Our disciplined & professional approach to our business, led by our stringent processes make us a very stable and bankable brand.
  • At VTP Realty NEVER COMPROMISE ON SPACE – Every home is designed from our scientific and research-based “MLA-Maximum Livable Area” Philosophy where your home is planned with the most optimized space utilization. Minimal wastage with layouts that assure maximum privacy. Also, get bigger rooms in the same carpet area as compared to other projects. Larger and optimized living spaces are a true luxury.

  • VTP Realty is well-known for changing the market dynamics of a micro-market with its project launches. The project design, planning and price drive tremendous demand thus ensuring upward price movement almost immediately after launch.
  • Over 35 years of legacy in the construction industry with the benefit of backward-integration with our group companies dealing with construction material and infrastructure development capabilities, form a strong base when it comes to offering upgraded specifications at value costs.
  • Use of latest construction technologies like Mivan and Tunnel Form for better finish and premium quality. These construction technologies allow us to cut down our construction pace drastically while building much stronger structures.
  • Focus on delivering premium specifications across all project segments

  • Our strong CRM processes ensure fast registrations. Our dedicated CRM mobile app – VCARE for faster responses helps you stay in touch with us 24/7.

  • Audit and quality check of Under Construction & Ready to move property by an International agency like Knight Frank & CQRA

  • Our sales team is available to respond in real-time, for NRI customers

  • Strong post-sales support from registration to possession

  • Knowledgable CRM team equipped to handle NRI transactions

  • Rental and resale support desk for NRIs
  • No Transfer fee levied

  • Proven track record of VTP Realty in delivery, and value appreciation of projects since launch


With Pune’s accelerated growth-rate, and, it being India’s youngest IT hub, commercial real estate in this recently-turned TIER-1 city has witnessed & will continue to witness a lot of attractive returns. And, VTP Realty has been at the frontline of these developmental waves that have swept across Pune to deliver some of the best-in-class projects & properties.

  • The second biggest software hub in the country, emerged as the fastest developing IT destination in India.

  • Infosys, TCS, IBM & other software majors have made Pune, one of their primary centers of operations.
  • Strong manufacturing base with significant presence of Manufacturing & Engineering, Automobile & Ancillary & Defense sectors.
  • One of the Top 5 FDI destinations in India.
  • The successful start-up destination in India, hosting more than 400 start-ups.
  • Pune has over 811 colleges, more than 30% graduate workforce which has triggered the IT revolution in Pune.
  • Growth of its Manufacturing, IT/ITes & education sectors has brought momentum to the economic development.
  • Off late growing sectors such as BFSI, Real Estate, Hospitality have contributed to the city’s economic base.
  • Proximity to MUMBAI.
  • A part of India’s ambitious ‘Smart Cities’ project, Pune has good quality social infrastructure, renowned educational institutions, and easy connectivity to major cities.



A person is labelled a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) if he/she is an Indian citizen but stays abroad for employment purpose or under circumstances indicating an intention for uncertain duration.

PIO or Person of Indian Origin is one who held Indian Passport at any time or whose father or grandfather was a citizen of India as per the Constitution of India or the Citizenship Act, 1955.

OCI or Overseas Citizen of India is:

– One who was Indian citizen at the time of, or at any time after, the commencement of Constitution.
– One who was eligible to become a citizen of India at the time of the commencement of the Constitution.
– One who belongs to a territory that became part of India after 15th August, 1947.

Indian real estate market has been a lucrative investment option for NRIs since time immemorial. Many times, it has topped the list of expatriate remittances to their home nations. For instance, in 2010the remittance was about US$55.6 billion which increased to US$69 billion in 2015. And substantial portion of expatriate remittance ends up into real estate investments. So, why investing in India good?

– Government considers investment by NRIs/OCI/PIO at par with that of residents.
– There is no differential pricing for projects sold to Indians or to NRIs. Also, few developers are launching NRI-centric projects.
– With increasing demand for office space by MNCs and start-up another higher return avenue is available for investment.
– Depreciating rupee has given a golden opportunity to investors abroad. Also, several new policies and reforms have brought Indian economy on track. Thus, overseas investors can expect good returns on investment.
– Consistent rental income.
– Lastly, emotional quotient has prompted many Indians overseas or ones with their roots in the country to invest here in hope to return to the country or in favour of their relatives.

As per the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), an NRI/PIO/OCI can freely purchase immovable property including residential and commercial assets. But he cannot purchase agricultural land / plantation property / farm house in India.
Payments can be made through the following:

– Amount remitted to India through normal banking channels, or
– Funds held in NRE / FCNR (B) / NRO account maintained in India – these are three kinds of accounts that an NRI can hold with banks in India.
NRE or Non-Resident External Rupee account can be opened by the NRI himself and not through the holder of POA. It can be in the form of Savings, current or recurring or FD account with maturity of minimum one year.

FCNR or Foreign Currency Non-Resident (Bank) account provides nomination facility in which the nominee can be a resident of India.

NRO or Non-Resident Ordinary Rupee account can be opened by anybody who is resident outside India for carrying out transactions in rupees. It can be opened in the form of current, savings or recurring or FD account.

(Note: Payments via traveler’s cheque or by foreign currency notes or by other mode is not permitted in property purchase.)

No, there are no restrictions on the number of residential / commercial properties purchased by an NRI and they are also not required to report details of property transactions to the RBI.
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All projects are registered under MahaRERA and is available on the website Mahaonline under registered projects.

VTP Realty strives hard to deliver on all its commitments on the timelines of the ongoing projects. However, the construction work is impacted due to the lockdown imposed during the COVID 19 pandemic. To that effect, RERA has issued a circular giving an extension of 6 months on possession time of projects under construction primarily due to the shutting down of construction activity at the site, shortage of labor, and construction material.

Please click on the link to read the RERA order here.

Order 13 Order 14

* Note – Booking amount excludes Stamp duty & registration charges
** Note – Price are all inclusive


  • Online modes of payment : RTGS & CC/DC
  • Free look period : 10 calendar days
  • After free look period ends, the standard downpayment is due and booking is considered as confirmed.
  • 30 days registration period & same discount applicable on early registration as applicable for local bookings
  • Cancellation after confirmation of booking, will attract a forfeiture of the amount equivalent to the booking amount.